Our Team

Muli Yaldor

Chief Systems Engineer


Founder, Chief Systems Engineer; Field Implementations

Why I like this job

I like putting things together and applying my years of engineering experience to doing a truly professional job.  Over the years we’ve changed our approach so that it meets the market’s needs – from pure IT to a phone and infrastructure implementer with state-of-the-art technology. We kept asking, “What can we do differently?” so we’re always ahead of what’s coming.

Big challenge

Designing and facilitating the install of our infrastructure throughout a building that wasn’t designed for it, without interfering with people’s daily lives. It involves a lot more than simply throwing a cable.

What people say

People are happy with our implementation – there’s no red tape or sub-contractors, people trust us to make it happen and we do it well. On a recent job, we were working right outside someone’s front door which could have been a huge inconvenience, but she was so happy she offered us lunch!