Our Team

James Neely

Senior Vice President of Sales



Senior Vice President of Sales. I oversee new client acquisitions and focus on aligning company strategies to meet the needs of our clients and partners.

Why I like this job

I was drawn to this company by its positive leadership and their dedication to help with dependable internet, voice, and cloud-based technology solutions. We provide an innovative and consistent experience to both our clients and their customers.

Big challenge

As a new senior leadership team member, I need to learn from our past experiences to position the business for exponential growth. This company has an amazing history, services, and people, but the brand equity and positioning need elevation in a crowded market. My primary goal is to deliver brand awareness and create a buzz around the exceptional services we provide.

What people say

Efficient, funny, sharp, and caring are just some of the ways people describe James. He has a strong drive and uncanny ability to create dialogue and get people on board with ideas, especially team members who were initially on different pages. James is a high-level thinker, always looking for that unique angle that sets his people and company apart. He is an exceptional leader with a balance of morality and ethics and is respected by his team members and peers.