Our Team

Elaina Rippel

Support Team Manager


Responsible for training, mentoring and managing support staff and taking care of customers.

Why I like this job

I came to the company from a customer service role and wanted to do more than just route customer support requests, so I learned the world of VOIP and how to fix things. We are proactive, monitoring systems constantly so we can react to an outage before the customer notices it.

Big challenge

This whole industry was new to me, so the challenge was learning the Broadsoft platform that controls the system, how to provision network equipment, and then becoming proficient at using the tools.  I helped this business to refine their own process too, so we all have at least a basic knowledge of our platforms now.

What people say

Elaina is great at building rapport with customers. If a customer has a raft of questions, she will sit with them, take them through the steps, explain it all and follow up with written instructions. She provides a concierge level of service.