Our Team

Bill Heinz

VP, Director of Sales


Co-founder Tampa Bay DSL; VP, Director of Sales and Solutions Specialist. The ideas person, oversees all marketing, sales and customer acquisition.

Why I like this job

I love to dissect the way a company operates and offer suggestions to make their processes more efficient and cost-effective

Big challenge

A law firm customer was getting a lot of traction with new ads that displayed a new phone number. Existing clients started using the new number too and reception was overwhelmed. The firm’s solution was to hire several new receptionists. Bill showed them how they could integrate the phone system with their client database and route calls automatically, saving them time and money.

What people say

Has an uncanny ability to ask the right questions, observe and understand customers’ pain points (ones they might not even know they have), and suggest features which will transform their business. Always looking at new developments and suggesting improvements to customers.