Do You Need a Wi-Fi Extender in Your Office?

//Do You Need a Wi-Fi Extender in Your Office?

Do You Need a Wi-Fi Extender in Your Office?

If you have Wi-Fi, chances are you’ve experienced a time when your coverage was spotty or didn’t reach quite far enough. At your office, poor Wi-Fi can cause you to lose customers; if you are losing calls on your business phones or missing emails this is bad for business. Poor Wi-Fi coverage can be extremely frustrating as a business owner, especially for those using VoIP Tampa for their business phones, as this requires Internet coverage. If you are experiencing areas of your business where Wi-Fi just isn’t reaching, you may need an extender in order to ensure that your VoIP services are up for your Tampa business.

A Wi-Fi extender, or repeater as it is sometimes called, does what you would imagine: it extends your Wi-Fi network coverage to reach farther. The way it works is that it uses your existing Wi-Fi, strengthening it, and sending out the stronger signal so it can reach farther. This is great for your Tampa VoIP services because you can use a laptop or mobile phone as a business phone  without any interruptions. For those employees using Wi-Fi on business phones or laptops, a stronger signal means more productivity and better quality of service.

Coupled with an extender, you may need to upgrade your routers; outdated routers can cause lagging in your signal. Newer routers come out all the time, and these upgrades have more power and can transmit stronger signals to further distances. Keeping your technology up to date at your business can make a huge difference in your service. The extender amplifies your existing Wi-Fi connection to get to those hard to reach places; couple this with an updated router and your Wi-Fi speeds will be better than ever.

Keeping up with the ever-changing technology may seem hard as a business owner. We expect to have Wi-Fi at all times, and when it doesn’t work or isn’t as strong as we need it to be, this can be frustrating and can even cost you some business. Investing in a Wi-Fi extender, especially in large corporate offices can provide you the seamless coverage so you and your employees never miss a beat. Feel free to ask our qualified staff at PBX-Change for more information.

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