Click to Call: Why Your Business Should Have This Feature

//Click to Call: Why Your Business Should Have This Feature

Click to Call: Why Your Business Should Have This Feature

Click to call is a great tool for your business. Does your business phone system have it set up for your business in Tampa? Not sure what it is or if you need it? Well, we will go through all that in order for you to understand how important this feature is for your business phone system for your business in Tampa.

What is it?
It’s simply the ability for someone to essentially speed dial to your business. That means you can post a button on your website for your Tampa based business that is connected to your business phone system. When people click on that button, they can directly call your business. With just a click, you are connected. So, why should you have it?

You should have click to call because it makes it a breeze for customers to connect with your business. That translates to a better customer relationship and also means better customer service. It also removes any obstacles for the customer in connecting with you, which is in your favor.

What this means is that you basically have an easy to use hotline for anyone to connect to your business effortlessly. That’s a pretty good deal! As mentioned, by removing any barriers, your customers are able to quickly and effectively connect and communicate with your business.

Another reason why click to call is important is because of the massive amount of mobile users. By providing them with a click to call feature, they can instantly call your business without having to copy the number and switch over to their dial pad. Again, by removing this step, you are making it easier for the customer.

How to Use
There are two ways to use click to call. You can either have a link or a button.

Click to Call Button:
The button is an easy and clearly visible way to connect customers. It makes it easy for mobile customers and customers surfing the web to call your business.

Click to Call Link:
Using a link is a bit trickier. This is because you need to clearly display your phone number. Luckily, most smartphones actually make that number clickable already and when clicked will automatically copy it over to your dial pad. All you have to do is hit call.

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