Clearing Up the Confusion Between VoIP and IP Telephony

//Clearing Up the Confusion Between VoIP and IP Telephony

Clearing Up the Confusion Between VoIP and IP Telephony

Does your business in Tampa have a VoIP service setup? If it does, you might have heard the terms VoIP and IP telephony thrown around your office in Tampa. These two things can be used interchangeably, but it is important to understand how they differ. The reason for that is because it can determine whether or not you choose VoIP for your business phone setup in your Tampa office or business.

Here is the breakdown

First off VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. So it mainly deals with making and receiving calls over a data network. VoIP is dependent on IP telephony. Think of it more as a subset of IP telephony. IP telephony provides your business the ability to increase productivity through the use of its technology. Think of VoIP as the vessel to deliver that service. VoIP allows you to have a business phone system that has features that can really help your business become more efficient, at a price that won’t break the bank.

VoIP also uses the IP network to connect calls, that’s why the cost is kept so low. VoIP doesn’t use traditional landlines but the internet. IP telephony manages that exchange of data so that your service doesn’t take a dive in quality that could be detrimental for your business. IP telephony also allows you to connect multiple business locations, allowing you to have a streamlined communication service.

Together, these two services provide your business with a communication system that can adapt to your current and future needs. They help your business grow, at an affordable price. These services are easy to install and setup compared to more traditional phone systems. They are also managed by experts that can provide your business with all the help you need, without tying down your own IT department. Additionally, don’t forget about the scalability that VoIP and IP telephony provide. There is no physical phone connection to restrict the service. Adding a line is simple and easy.


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