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We help you get to know your customers better and anticipate their future needs

Cloud-based UC is a go-to for the most efficient contact centers around the globe, it allows them to scale operations quickly while offering an attractive cost model. Cisco’s WebEx Contact Center sweetens the deal by offering advanced analytics capabilities. This kind of analytical data is invaluable for our contact center managers and supervisors who need greater insight into their team’s performance to inform their decision-making.

In real-time our clients can see how quickly calls are answered and resolved, discover bottlenecks, and which agents are performing. Cisco’s analytics platform gives our customers the information they need to deliver the best customer service to their clientele. Whether that means rerouting calls through their top performers or managing traffic dynamically to deal with spikes in demand.

Cisco WebEx Features

Cloud- Cloud contact center gives you improved agility, flexibility, scalability, security, capital efficiency, innovation, and customer success.
360° customer journey analytics
360° customer journey analytics- Cross-channel and cross-system analytics offer insights into every stage of your customer’s journey on your cloud and on-premises contact centers. With this knowledge, you can optimize contact center operations for customer acquisition, retention, and satisfaction.
Omnichannel- All of your customer interactions, including voice, email, and chat, are unified, thus providing a seamless experience for your agents. During every interaction, your customer’s cross-channel history is displayed so your agents can deliver more personalized customer experiences.
Predictive analytics-based routing-
Predictive analytics-based routing- Customer and agent matching uses big data analytics to understand your customer’s journey to date, predict their needs based on the stage of their journey, and match them with the best available agent to meet that need and deliver the best business outcome.
Cognitive and intelligent
Cognitive and intelligent- Want to minimize agent workload? Provide your customers an intuitive chat BOT self-service option, with seamless transfer to an agent chat, or voice or video call when needed.
Expert collaboration and communications
Expert collaboration and communications- Built-in voice and chat collaboration with other agents, managers, and subject-matter experts help solve difficult customer issues, improve your first-contact resolution rate, and makes for happy, satisfied customers.
Seamless application integration
Seamless application integration- Improve first-contact resolution by embedding contact center functionality within the business app experience. Improve agent productivity and remove the chaos of app switching

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