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There are so many ways to get in touch with your consumers these days; emails, life chats, phone calls, video conferences and more. It’s can be hard to know when to make a traditional business phone¬†Tampa call and when to utilize any of the other numerous methods at your disposal. There are times when you really need that business phone call to get a message across, but what about a video conference? Video conferencing can be a strong alternative to business phone conference calls and can add a more personal touch for some of your customers.

Much like an audio conference call, a video conference allows multiple people in various locations to communicate. This can allow for visual aids such as slideshows, models, or charts to help share information. Additional visuals mean a clearer understanding among parties, and less miscommunication. The result could lead to increased productivity and less back and forth between your staff and customers. You now avoid calls that could have been emails by getting all information thoroughly disseminated to applicable parties. You can then use audio calls for one-on-one communication or those ore traditional consumers.

If you’re still unsure about video conferencing, think back to phone calls that resulted in misunderstandings or lost business. A video call is like having the customer or staff members In The room with you, meaning you can read body language and other cues to avoid any future problems. If you are considering implementing video calls into your office, make sure you have the technology to perform this service; you don’t want to disappoint customers with a poor video quality, making the benefits seem less impressive.

With the way technology continues to Chang and grow, video calls are becoming more and more prevalent, especially for those remote employees. There are certainly times that an audio call is the perfect solution, but for an added touch, try out video conferencing in your office.


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