When choosing a solution for your business phone needs for your business in Tampa, it usually comes down to the two industry leaders. Cisco and Avaya are both recognized as leaders in the VoIP and commercial business phone space. Cisco is a leader of technology in a lot of ways, but with business phones they are constantly developing and updating to improve their hardware to be the best for your business in Tampa. Because of this, they are a very reliable company to use for small to large businesses when looking into phone systems. Avaya was one of the early adopters of VoIP technology, and they are among the most used and are a high-quality vendor for that reason. It’s important to find a business phone system for your business in Tampa that you can rely on.

Cisco is known for its quality hardware and expertise in networking that makes their phone systems a great value for larger businesses. Cisco offers a virtually unlimited number of extensions and an ample call center management software to easily control all the phone numbers and hardware. They also provide a wide array of headset fits and styles, and incorporate high quality video conferencing to expand upon purely analog phone calls. However, the cons with Cisco are as expected. Because of their sheer size and capabilities, they can be quite costly in comparison to competitors. Also, in order to fully take advantage of all of their offerings, a business will need a larger IT staff for the technically more complex systems.

Avaya is widely considered to be the more user-friendly of the top tier vendors. Avaya phone systems do not require large IT staffs or Avaya-specific headsets to use. These reasons alone cut down on overhead costs which help a small business integrate these easily. Avaya also offers other features like simple conference bridging and remote abilities. Avaya does have its downfalls as well; network-wide changes are much more difficult to adapt throughout a company. Also, they have a much smaller capacity limit for their phone systems that can help combat this difficulty, but still not ideal for larger businesses.

Cisco is a great solution for the medium to large business that needs to be able to roll out changes and quickly create extensions for their employees. Avaya is the small to medium answer that cuts down on costs and is “plug and play.”