PBX-Change offers enhanced communication solutions that satisfy the challenging requirements of attorney and legal offices.

With hosted PBX solutions including call screening, centralized directory integration, and call prioritization, PBX-Change puts attorneys and staff in control of their communications, from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Fortune 500 Features

In the past many of the premium features were offered only to larger offices. PBX-Change has dissolved this barrier and now offers all our premium hosted phone system services to any sized business.

CDR History Reports

Access to call history reports is always available to our customers for billing or tracking purposes. These detailed reports show where the call originates and terminates along with the duration of the call.

Account Codes

Attorneys can record the duration of billable calls with account codes. A code can be assigned which records the duration of the call for each client.

Call Recording

Allows integration of multiple locations, home offices, and remote staff anywhere in the world, delivering a single user experience.

Mobile Link

Use your smart phone to make, receive, and track calls, manage call routing, search your business directory, click-to-dial from your contact list.

Cloud Collaboration

An easy to use, feature-rich video conferencing tool that lets you host online meetings without the hassles involved with some similar services. You no longer have to deal with complicated procedures when you need to hold an online meeting. Face to face meetings become possible and practical, even when you can’t actually meet “face to face”.

Find Me Follow Me

Enables incoming calls to be received at different locations. “Find Me” refers to the ability to receive your calls at any location including your office, home, smart phone, etc. While “Follow Me” allows designated phones to ring all at once or in sequence until you are reached. This program can be set to different time schedules depending on your business needs.

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