Teleconferencing can be a huge asset to your business if utilized properly and effectively. When people at your business in Tampa host a meeting on a business phone with more than two participants, this is considered to be a teleconference. Whether this means you have participants phone in from across the company or world, or you have participants sharing a speaker phone, there are a variety of options to make this tool best suit your business needs. Teleconferencing is appealing to many smaller companies because they use far less bandwidth than with that of videoconferencing. If your business in Tampa is looking to start teleconferencing or already uses this feature on your business phone system, but you want to improve, we’ve got you covered.

One huge benefit to using teleconferencing for businesses ranging in size is the convenience. It is not always easy to get everyone at their desk in Tampa in the same office at the same time, so a teleconference allows your employees to use their business phones to join a meeting from anywhere. This is also largely beneficial for those employees that work remotely from home; now they don’t have to make the journey to the office, but they can still contribute to the agenda. Tying into this, teleconferencing on business phones saves you time. Now, all information is transmitted to listeners at the same time. This makes the message more effective and doesn’t waste time retelling the same important information multiple times, a huge time and money saver for growing companies.

We also believe the teleconferencing makes you and your company more accessible. Say your office can only hold ten people in a meeting space; with teleconferencing, you can host hundreds of people simultaneously. It is now easier than ever to disseminate information to those that need it. You are also more flexible, as you can be located anywhere and attend, so long as you have your business phone.

Teleconferencing in the corporate environment can open many doors. Whether you are a small business or a large, expanding company, teleconferencing has benefits you can see right away. With business phones and great phone and Internet service, you are ready to start. Call us today to discuss more options for your business.