4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Switch to a Hosted PBX

//4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Switch to a Hosted PBX

4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Switch to a Hosted PBX

It might be time for your business in Tampa to upgrade its business phone system. Hosted PBX services allow for businesses to forgo the costly physical presence of a phone system to a cheaper business phone system for your Tampa business. This can be very beneficial to small businesses because it allows for a cheaper yet competitive business phone system that can help your Tampa business grow. Check out four reasons why you should make the switch.

1. Save Money & Time
The savings are huge when you switch from a physical onsite system to a hosted PBX. Instead of investing in big startup costs, you can use a service where you can have the same level of quality. Plus, you won’t be locked in for any long-term commitments. Also, don’t think that that using a hosted PBX service is cheaper because you are receiving fewer options. On the contrary, it will be better for your business and actually save you headaches. Your IT team will be free to help grow your business rather than got bogged down in service upgrades or repairs.

2. Easy Implementation/Mobility
Your PBX provider deals with all the problems that you will have with your business phone system. Instead of worrying about regular maintenance, the latest upgrades, and security concerns, your provider will be on top of it for you. The switch to a PBX system also allows for all your services to be available on the cloud, which lets you and your team work from anywhere remotely! Remote workers can connect whenever from phones, mobile devices, or computers.

3. Endless Features
Using a PBX system allows your to have access to a ton of services that previous telephone companies would charge an arm and a leg for. You will have access to all types of tools that will allow your business to grow and be competitive. Your business will be able to pick exactly what service you want at what price. This also helps with boosting the image of your company. Customers will be impressed with an auto attendant feature or navigable virtual menu. It will make your small business look like any giant corporation.

4. Scalability & Obsolete Technology
With a hosted PBX, your company won’t have to worry about buying new equipment or growing pains. Instead, you can be confident in knowing that you can add more features or lines without going broke. The sky is the limit! Additionally, your business won’t have to worry about using obsolete technology. Therefore, by using a hosted PBX, you won’t be stuck with old servers or phone systems that you bought all those years ago. Technology is always changing and evolving, shouldn’t your business too?

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