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If it’s been years since you last upgraded your business phone system for your business in Tampa, it may surprise you to know that things have really changed. Today’s savvy business owners are no longer tied to the traditional phone lines of yesteryear. Instead, a number of companies have been turning towards updating their  business phone systems, many of which utilize VoIP technology that your business in Tampa can benefit from. This relatively new technology transmits your phone call over the internet instead of through a landline and offers several advantages.

Below, we’ve listed four of the best reasons why your business in Tampa should invest in a business phone system.

A business phone system is reliable.

Above all else, the business phone system you choose for your Tampa business must dependable. No one understands this better than PBX-Change. Constant monitoring of your system allows us to immediately catch problems before they turn into disastrous situations. No matter what problems you face, you can count on the team at PBX-Change to follow the proper course of action.

It’s more than just a phone.

True business phone systems do more than just take and receive calls. Powerful features include conferencing, interactive voice response (IVR) and call forwarding to an outside line. To accommodate the needs of large teams,choose a quality phone system with collaboration tools such as instant messaging, desktop sharing and video conferencing.

A business phone system can increase productivity.

Business phone systems which utilize voice over internet protocol systems can greatly benefit the productivity of employees simply by providing faster service. Additionally, VoIP systems are mobile. This allows you the flexibility to use your business phone line to make and receive calls wherever you are.

Your PBX-Change business phone is easy to use.

When you first introduce a new business phone system to your Tampa employees, it may take a little time to adapt. However, once each employee has been trained on the system, using it will soon become second nature. All that’s required is an employee’s determination to learn along with proper guidance from the company.

PBX-Change offers a variety of phone systems and services to suit your Tampa business needs. We invite you to learn more about our services, or call (888)400-8585 to request a customized solution for your business.

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