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Why You Shouldn’t Use a Mobile Phone for your Business

It seems like landlines are a thing of the past in most homes, but what about for your business phone service in Tampa? You may be considering or currently using your cell phone for your business phone needs in Tampa; it is convenient and comfortable since it is something we use every day, but is [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Mobile Phone for your Business2017-11-24T20:43:58+00:00

What is the Cloud?

When the term “cloud” is brought up, the average person might not know exactly what it is. It’s thought of as a mysterious place where our files, data, and apps float around in for our Tampa business phones and computers that we don’t have to worry about. That being said, understanding what the cloud actually [...]

What is the Cloud?2017-11-24T20:43:36+00:00

The Importance of a Voicemail Greeting

Have you ever called a company that didn’t answer and heard a confusing, long, or hard to hear voicemail? If so, you may not have left a message and found another company. If this was your Tampa business phone service, well then you just lost a potential customer. Answering your phone is always the best [...]

The Importance of a Voicemail Greeting2018-05-17T14:30:51+00:00

Updating your Phone System for the Whole Office

If you own or manage a business of any size, you know change can be hard. Incorporating company-wide changes includes levels of approval and a roll out that has to go seamlessly. If you are considering upgrading your Tampa business phone systems, this can be a huge and positive change for your company if you [...]

Updating your Phone System for the Whole Office2017-11-17T20:42:15+00:00

Office Conferencing

Technology is advancing every day and, for a business, these tools are a crucial part of their ability to stay connected. A business can have satellite campuses, remote employees, and a presence in other countries. So, connectivity for your Tampa business phones, Internet, and other features is a must. There are tools in place that [...]

Office Conferencing2017-11-10T20:33:06+00:00

Phone Peripherals

Choosing business phone peripherals for your Tampa business can be just important as the main phone line itself. Different type of options can increase ease of use and raise comfort levels. Deciding on what peripherals you need depends on the type of work one does or manner in which they do it. Business phones have [...]

Phone Peripherals2017-11-10T20:32:32+00:00

Signs of a Hacker/Malware

To a business, information might be their most valuable asset. Your company in Tampa can have its company finances, records, employee data, business phone systems, and sensitive materials under threat if a computer or network has been compromised by malware. It is always important to invest in a professional endpoint protection solution that can recognize [...]

Signs of a Hacker/Malware2017-11-03T18:30:00+00:00

Avaya VS Cisco Phone Systems

When choosing a solution for your business phone needs for your business in Tampa, it usually comes down to the two industry leaders. Cisco and Avaya are both recognized as leaders in the VoIP and commercial business phone space. Cisco is a leader of technology in a lot of ways, but with business phones they [...]

Avaya VS Cisco Phone Systems2017-11-03T18:29:14+00:00
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