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Your business phone is often the first or second impression that a consumer has of your business. The way you compose yourself on the phone and the level of customer service can be the difference between a new customer and a lost opportunity. If your company has a network of tampa business phones, it is important to train your staff on proper phone etiquette.

You should first set up a protocol for how many times your business phone should ring. If your phone rings three or more times, a customer is far more likely to hang up, thus resulting in a loss of business. Once the phone is answered, consider working up a standard greeting to keep uniformity when consumers call. If nothing specific is set up, employees should provide a clear, appropriate greeting when answering calls.

For more intricate phone situations, etiquette is just as important. For example, we recommend avoiding “blind transfers,” which means that you transfer your call to someone without providing any background information. A proper transfer includes making sure the other person is available and providing them with the name of the customer and, if applicable, what they need. If you put someone on hold, make sure to notify them first. Some customers may prefer to call back rather than be put on hold, so this is an extra step you can take to ensure a happy customer.

Phone etiquette is a very important aspect of your business. Training your staff to ensure your customer is receiving the best experience can help you grow your business and improve customer satisfaction. The biggest thing you can do to bring top notch phone etiquette to customers is be polite and be present. Speaking clearly and respectfully goes a long way when it comes to happy customers.


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